3 Ways to Make Your Home “Guest-Ready” this Christmas with Right Blinds


The festive season is just at the doorstep right now. The time of fun, frolicking, laughter, love, gifts, and guests is here again. This is also the time when you must retouch the home decor to make it ready for welcoming your guests and to set the mood of celebration. Of course, it is needless to say, you have to do something different than the previous years so that this time, when your guests will leave your home, they will have a refreshing new image of your home, which they will remember for a long time. 

How to do that? If you are thinking that such a process of giving your home a facelift will involve a lot of spending, then you are mistaken. You can actually work on the window coverings even to give your home a much desired revamp.

Are you wondering which type of window covering will be perfectly suitable for your city home? If yes, then opt for blinds. Blinds are functional, modern and attractive. From being a popular window covering for stores and offices, blinds have come a long way. Now, it is also a popular choice for homeowners too. So, when you are planning to perk up the decor of your home without causing a huge hole in your pockets this Christmas, installing the right kinds of blinds can be your option. How can you do that successfully? You need to find out the right types of blinds for the right rooms. Take a look at the following points to know more.

  Guest Bedroom

Do you know which room is going to make the most impact in the mind of your guests? It is the bedroom where they are going to sleep. Since a relaxing sleep is the most necessary thing for everyone, you must make sure that your guests feel comfortable in the bedroom. That is why you must get the window coverings that will look sophisticated on the windows as well as ensure privacy and control over light. For that, choose roller blinds. These blinds can be very sophisticated and chic in appeal. And when it comes to controlling light and privacy, there is no parallel to it.


You and your guests are going to have some really happy moments while cutting the Christmas cake, toasting to the night of celebration and sharing some amazing hours of togetherness. Hence, it is necessary to maintain a light and airy environment in the kitchen area of your home. Make sure your guests enjoy the warmth of sunlight when they come for morning tea or can see the falling snow while enjoying the family dinner. Choosing Venetian Blinds Keysborough can be a good option.  The slats of this blind will let the light come in freely while obscuring your presence inside.

For Living Room

Again, the living room is another place where you are going to enjoy most of the amazing time of your family gatherings. Sitting around the table, clutching the wine glasses or coffee mugs in hand, reminiscing the old golden days and making new memories, everything can happen in your living room. Hence, it is necessary to make this room cosy and warm for everyone. To design this cosy cocoon of yours, choose the coverings that will offer the privacy. Get some vertical blinds with beautiful patterns that will contribute to the warmth of the space.

To Set the Mood

 Now, let’s come to the main step after discussing the specific rooms. Setting up your mood is important while you are choosing the blinds. And to set the mood, there are various factors that you need to take care of. Have a look.

·        Find the right ones according to your home decor. For example, if your home is vintage in setting, Roman blinds in Pakenham will perfectly compliment it. For a chic look, go for roller or vertical blinds.

·        Choose the coverage depending on your requirements. If you are located in a crowded surrounding, the ensuring complete privacy is necessary. If your neighbours are many yards away from you, you can shift your focus from privacy to light.

·        Don’t go overboard. It is understandable that you want to create an impressive impact. But, don’t overdo it. Take care of the purpose, functionality, and budget.

So, now as you have gone through the blog and got some clear idea to welcome festivity and guests with a new look of your home, what are you waiting for? Find a reputed blinds provider and adorn your home with style and sophistication.

Author Bio: Brett Watson is a lifestyle blogger and interior designer. Here, he talks about how you can give your home a perfect facelift this Christmas with Blinds in Pakenham and Keysborough. 

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