Qualities You Should Look For In Your Kitchen Cabinet


Cabinets seem to be very simple and straightforward furniture. It does not have many components to it and is easy to install. However, cabinets are also a very important part of one’s household. Thus, it makes sense that they should be chosen with great care and precision. Furthermore, cabinets are also a key investment in one’s home, because they are costly, and it is very difficult to replace them. This article names and explains all the qualities that you should look for in your cabinet. The three main areas of a cabinet towards which one should pay attention to our cabinet construction, cabinet components, and the overall finishing process.

  1. Cabinet Box: One of the most important components of a cabinet is the cabinet box. It plays a crucial role in the construction of the cabinet. The cabinet box supports all the things that are put inside a cabinet. The buyer should always check the material with which the cabinet box is built. The best material to build a cabinet box is plywood. Plywood is able to withstand all the strain, and wear and tear that a cabinet undergoes over the years. It is extremely strong and durable. The cabinet box can also be built with particleboard or MDF. However, it is better to avoid these owing to their tendency to incur water damage and humidity damage.
  2. Back Panels: Back panels are an important part of the cabinet construction. The back panels affect both the hold of the cabinets and the ease of its installation. The strongest cabinets use a full-plywood cover of 3/8 inches which covers the full back panel. However, this is an expensive option. Less expensive options include back panels made out of metal rails, picture frame constructions, and brackets.

  1. Hinges: The next essential component of a cabinet is the hinges. The doors of the cabinets depend on the hinges of the cabinet. If a hinge is of poor quality, it can cause the door to be stiff, uneven, or loose. It can also result in doors that refuse to close. The best quality hinges are the soft close steel six-way hinges. This kind has built-in soft close mechanism and is made of hardened steel which is nickel-plated. The hinge can also be adjusted in six different ways; up-down, in-out and left-right direction. This is helpful especially when the cabinet doors change size due to changes in weather.
  2. Drawer Glides: For cabinets with drawers, drawer glides are important elements. It is important that the drawers are fixed in a way that their gliding is smooth and noiseless. The drawer glides that are best suitable for this kind of functioning are steel, undermount, soft close drawer glides. The steel guides and ball bearings in this kind of drawer glides produce polished operation and durability. The strong undermount helps the drawer to bear a heavy load when it is in its open position. The soft close anti-slam adjustable glides provide for noiseless operation.

  1. Drawer Boxes: For a cabinet to be of top-quality and durable, it should have very good drawer boxes. A higher quality drawer box ensures that the drawer box is not bending or bowing and that the front face does not crack and fall off. Dovetail joints ensure that the drawer box remains strong and durable. This strength and durability are further enhanced with hardwood boards made of maple or birch.
Thus, even though drawers seem like simple furniture, they are complex and intricate in their formulation. The buyer should pay extra attention to the material of the drawer components, and its overall build structure, before finalizing on a cabinet of their choice.

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