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Does your living room need a refreshing makeover? If you think that your living room has started to make you feel boring, then it is time to add something dazzling. But when it comes to decoration we all think about a penny.

So here we present you some of the exciting living room decoration tips that need no money as they all come absolutely free.

Remove Clutter

To make any room aesthetically beautiful and pleasant looking it has to be clutter free. And when it is about your living room, the one place where your guests and family members gather around over a cup of tea and spend leisure time in front of the TV watching netflix, you need to be extra careful about tidiness. Make sure that you do not accumulate unwanted things in your living room. Also if you have kids in your house you should be very particular about clearing all the clutter they tend to make.

Table Arrangement

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The right setup of a table does a lot for room decor. Many houses have dining tables in the living room. And this is a tricky part as one should know how to arrange a dining table in a living room. No matter how big or small your table is it has to match the other furniture in the room and should not seem like a space blocker. Choose the right shape of the table so that it goes well with your living room setup. You may arrange your table in the corner or in the middle depending on the size of your living room.

Add Layout

There are many ways to add or change your living room layout. You may add a sofa set or place indoor plant pots strategically. A daybed or a love seat can prove excellent to create a defining layout in your room. Other than these you can also go for wallpaper or wall accents.

Drape Those Curtains

Curtain draping is the best option if you want to add depth to your living room. A long and flowy curtain, hanging from the window will change the overall look of your room. But make sure you hang curtains high using strong and beautiful curtain rods. Choose dark shades of curtains if you want your room to appear smaller and add warmth. And if you are planning to spread light in your small apartment or house, then go for lighter shades of curtains.

Magic Of Branches

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To infuse your living room with a little rustic and romantic charm, you can add a branch and decorate it with lights. Imagine a cozy and beautiful evening and the living room decorated with branches with hanging lamps. It would be the loveliest of evening ever. There are many ideas that you try using dried branches from the backyard and decorate your living room. All you have to do is get your creative skills to work.

Do these tips sound fun? Then what are you waiting for? Just get started with your living room decoration today. Cheer your space up with your ideas and follow these easy tips. It is all about how you want your living room space to be. 

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