DIY Roller Blinds – Measure And Install The Blinds At Your House


Roller blinds makes the house appear gorgeous and in case if you are the one who has installed them then it surely is a matter of immense pride. Surely you would want to boast around the world about your DIY achievement and show it to all your friends and family.

Well, it is not a very big task to measure or install your roller blinds. You can get all the information from my directblinds.

However, in case you still need quick reference to the guidelines of measuring blinds, read on.

·         You must not try to take measurements from your house plans

·         You need to have a window frame made of metal to get the correct measurements

·         You need to also make sure that you are measuring each and every window as all the windows have different sizes

In case you are choosing the inside mount or the outside one, the instructions to install them would be similar. So get set ready!!

Have your pencil, screwdriver, drill, measuring tape and blind ready. Now understand the instructions carefully:

1.      Each and every roller blind consists of a “male” and a “female” bracket. Male brackets control the chain however female brackets used to pin the end. You need to understand where each and every bracket is going.

2.      Hold up the brackets to the frame of the window or the wall and mark the hole points with the help of a pencil.

3.      With the help of your drilling machine, make a little 2mm hole which would help in making the process of screwing in the brackets much convenient and easier.

4.      Screw the brackets to the window frame or the wall. Ensure that they are aligned evenly. You can check it with the help of a spirit level. 

5.      Insert the chain control in to the end of roller and eventually fix it onto the bracket. This same process needs to be repeated for the other side as well with the spring loaded pin. Eventually fit into the leftover bracket.

6.      Now that your blind is in a secured position, you can simply operate it by pulling the chain to drop or raise your roller blind.

7.      Last but not the least, you need to screw in your child safety device as well at the bottom of the chain. Make sure that you are fixing your child safety device at 1600 mm from the ground level. For more details on Child safety device, refer to

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