How to Cut Plexiglass at Home for Safe & Easy Customization?


Importance of Plexiglass cannot be denied as it is one of the most popular construction materials in the 21st century. Most people with modern homes buy plexiglass to be used for internal partitions, backsplashes, wall cladding, and exterior glass windows and walls. There are many ways through which plexiglass is utilized in construction so that space looks attractive and elegant. The introduction of plexiglass in construction can help you to upgrade the look of your interior. When having a DIY project, you might need to buy different tools that will help you in customizing the plexiglass. Plexiglass can either be used for glass table tops, interior partitions, kitchen backsplashes or even display cabinets. There are different techniques that you can use to customize the plexiglass at home to make it convenient to use. When in need of creating an appealing and attractive internal space, you need the right tools and expertise. Having a guide on how to cut plexiglass will help you do it right without any problems. This article is meant for individuals who are lovers of DIY projects. It includes an explanation of different ways you can use to cut plexiglass for personal customization within a home. The importance of Plexiglas is also discussed in the article

Scoring popular cutting method

This is a popular and most used method in cutting plexiglass among other types of glass. It is useful to sue scoring when you want to achieve the best edges for the cut plexiglass. With soring, you require a knife or sharp blade for cutting the glass. Using a sharp blade, mark the lines where you want to cut the plexiglass. This will depend on what you want to use the glass for. If you are to fit in in a window, you should cut it into a suitable size that will fit perfectly into position. Mostly, you should use a new blade or knife so that it cut perfectly without damaging the glass. Using the blade, score through the marked lines severally until you cut deep into the glass. When you have the right depth, turn the glass on the other side and score on the same line until you make a deep cut. With this weak line created, place the glass on the edge of the working table with the weak line being parallel to the table’s edge. Apply pressure on the hanging glass so that it falls off from the main glass sheet. Ensure that the glass falls on a soft surface to avoid scratching it. You will have a cleanly cut plexiglass that suits your decoration needs. This method is however suitable when cutting plexiglass that is thick.

Sawing another common technique

Swing is another common method of cutting Plexiglas to suit any decoration need. Customization of the glass using a table saw is easy and affordable. However, a table saw is only usable when the glass is thick enough. If it is not much thick, using a scroll saw would be preferred. The advantage of using a scroll saw is that it does not produce so much heat as compared to other types of saws. The production of heat on the plexiglass can be damaging in the long run. Since you don’t want to damage the glass you need to use for decoration in your home, you should ensure that you use a coolant during the cutting g process. Most of the time when a scroll saw is used to cut glass, the edges are smooth and look fine to be used. However, ensure that before you start using the scroll saw, you have protective gear which includes goggles, gloves, and long-sleeved apron.

The traditional way of cutting the glass

Cutting is a traditional method which was used to cut glass for custom sizes and shapes. Cutting involves using a sharp rotary tool rotating at approximately 10000-15000 rotations per minute. Before you start cutting the glass, you should create clear markings on the glass so that you can cut through it flawlessly. When you mark, ensure you use a pencil so that you can correct in case of mishaps. A rotary tool with new teeth is more preferable so that it can go through the glass comfortably and easily. Using a rotary tool with high speed and rotations per minute will help you to get a flawless and a cleanly cut edge. The importance of plexiglass in decorating will depend on how you use the rotary tool to cut through it. Cutting on the wrong lines might make the glass useless in an eye blink.

Finishing the plexiglass

After cutting the plexiglass using either of the methods discussed above, you ought to check that the edges are smoothened out and they cannot harm an individual handling them. You can use sandpaper to smooth out the edges so that when you install them for decoration, they look attractive and stylish.

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